What does the VIP-club provide?

Participants of the VIP-club get a series of privileges and additional opportunities:

  • opportunity to become a participant of the "CryptoUnit" program closed club (purchase CRU EIP and receive bonus CRU points)
  • opportunity to receive CRU partner program accruals
  • access to staking (similar to putting funds on Term Deposit at a bank, in return for 'interest')
  • access to internal CRU exchange
  • discounts on educational-information products of the company
  • opportunity to receive increased loyalty program bonuses
  • opportunity to visit closed Global investment portfolio reporting meetings (*with personal CRU volumes from 1000 units or the Consultant status and above)

How do I become a member of the VIP-club?

Any participant of the Academy of a Private Investor project who would like to get additional opportunities has to pay for membership in the VIP-club (club fee) in the API Personal Account.

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