Joint Venture Crowd Funding - What Is It?

Crowd investing, or joint-stock crowd funding, is a relatively new business trend, and alternative financial instrument for attracting capital into start-ups, from a wide range of investors.

NEEW is a fund which is receiving major attention from large global businesses wishing to utilise NEEW's ability to raise large amounts of money (to further expand their own businesses), in return for joint equity ownership.

And because NEEW has a joint interest in these companies, obviously it receives a return on investment from each one (dividends), which are used to finance further options and also pay it's members (us, as stakeholders in NEEW).

Some of the examples of recent JVCF alliances include:

Sushi Master - a "take away" format Japanese cuisine restaurant chain focused on fast sushi delivery from their restaurants, with over 230 restaurants in 123 cities of 10 countries.

Main goal - create the largest Japanese cuisine delivery company in the world, which required opening about 50000 restaurants over 10 years. After achieving this goal, the predicted capitalization of the company will be 100-250 billion US dollars. Pure profit of one restaurant is currently 2000-8000$ per month, which is about 3%-12% of monthly profit on invested funds.   Read more HERE

Basalt Fibre - a substance derived from volcanic rock which is readily available around the world. The fibre from it rivals carbon fibre, is as strong as steel, cheaper to produce than steel, and it doesn't rust. Think of the possibilities here!   Watch the videos, then read more HERE

GeniePay - offers various payment solutions for SMEs and other small businesses to quickly accept cryptocurrency payments rather than hovering around conventional payment solutions.   Cryptocurrencies have been dominating e-commerce recently, and for the past few years it has turned out to be a major attraction for all the retailers who now seem to have re-targeted their marketing towards the cryptocurrency owners.   We are a Co-Owner in GeniePay.   Watch the video, then read more HERE
Marvel China - the super-hero film company, with a new super-hero called Dragon Man - this is expected to make huge profits in the Asian market (expected return of $90-$100 million from a $2.5 million investment).  Watch the video below

Diamond Van De K - a synthetic diamond manufacturing company

Revolve - a Los Angles based online clothing company whose growth has been fuelled by social media influencers.

CrowdStrike - an anti-virus software that protects all systems against Malware.

Fiverr - an online marketplace for freelance services.

This is only but a few examples, there are many many more, and many more will be added in the future, there is really NO LIMIT to the possibilities of this juggernaut!!