EIP CRU Packages Available (only available to VIP Club Members)

EIP Beginner

Package Cost = US$50

CRU Points Gifted = 250 CRU

Education Courses Provided = 4

EIP Basic 

Package Cost = US$250

CRU Points Gifted = 1389 CRU

Education Courses Provided = 6

EIP Elementary Education

Package Cost = US$1000

CRU Points Gifted = 8333 CRU

Education Courses Provided = 9

EIP Secondary Education

Package Cost = US$4000

CRU Points Gifted = 40000 CRU

Education Courses Provided = 24

EIP Higher Education

Package Cost = US$10000

CRU Points Gifted = 125000 CRU

Education Courses Provided = 25

Current Promotion 

All new users who register in the period from 1st to 14th July 2020 inclusive and subscribe to the VIP-Club of a Private Investor will get a guaranteed present: 

# # # Educational Course "8 Rules of a Private Investor" and 350 CRU points # # #

Attention! Subscription to the VIP-Club of a Private Investor must be purchased within 30 calendar days from the day of registration in order to receive the bonus.

*Promotion is valid until 14.07.2020 inclusive

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